Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Emotion lll Socks

It been a little while since posting I guess it a case of trying to get motivated after Christmas they say January & February are months that you tend not to do things so much.
I done a pair of socks using the Online Emotion lll Range this is the latest range I have which I think  is their latest as well in this range.
The yarn is 50% Merino Wool, 25% Bamboo & 25% Polyamid it a lovely soft yarn which does knit up well.
If I am to be totally honest & give the fore & against on this yarn my only moan is that it don't follow a set colour pattern so trying to match both socks up perfectly you can't but you can see that the same colours ect are used & I do like them.
I use Online range a lot they have several different lines which of course Emotion which they have now at least 3 different lines under Emotion which are Emotion, Emotion ll & lll they also do Irish Colour, Canadian Colour, Wellness & Spot colour some knit up more like a fair-isle which I really like but the Emotion range is the softest range so do really like this range.
I hope to if possible get some orders for socks or at least sell some but since my last orders before Christmas I haven't been lucky enough to get any.
On the sewing front I am working on the table runner which I hope to finish & show you it soon so do check back
Emotion lll Socks


  1. I love the colors. Very cheery looking.

  2. Janice, your socks are great. I love the effect of the wool and wish I had the confidence to try making a pair. Ros

  3. Beautiful! I think it would bother me at first that they didn't match exactly but then I would get over it pretty quickly. I think quirky socks are fun so it would be like a little secret.


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