Monday, 31 January 2011

Socks using Sport- & Strumpfgarn Yarn

I have finished a pair of socks these are using a different make of yarn from what I usually use which is Online Yarn 
The socks below are done in a 4 ply yarn  which is Sport- & Strumpfgarn Yarn it is 60% Superwash Virgin Wool, 25% Acrylic & 15% Polyamid this yarn while is self-patterning in that there is some patterning it more like random spots you don't have to match as there is no matching to it.
I been thinking of getting some sock blockers & if anyone has an opinion on them good or bad would appreciate hearing about them, there is a site here in the UK that is doing some   click here   for the link to see them & say what you think of them.


  1. They look great. I bet they're toasty warm.

  2. Lovely socks, as usual. I want a pair of hand-knit socks! Can you contact me if you would be willing to sell me a pair and ship to the US? Carolyn

  3. Those look fun and toasty warm.

    Those prices on sock blockers are much better than I have seen.

  4. I love those socks. They are so colorful.

  5. Just dropped by from Socks from the toe up list. Glad you joined us.

    I'm by NO means an expert on socks. I've done one pair toe-up on DPN's. Took me almost a year to get a pair done. That was several years ago. Sunday I cast on a pair of 2 at a time, toe-ups and I'm doing them magic loop. I've already got the toes on both pair done, but have run into a problem. When I figure it out, I'll finish them.

    All that to say that a lot of people make their own sock blockers using a plastic COVERED wire coat hanger. They keep the hanger intact, use the hook on it for hanging them up - I guess some people do hang socks to dry them, but the hook lets you hang the blockers out of the way when not in use. They pull up on the neck of the loop and down on the middle of the hanger and stretch it out of shape, then use a pair of pliers to make it sock-shaped. Then slip you sock on it to dry.

    I probably have one or more links to tutorials that people have done for these. (Since my socks are only "bed" socks from WW yarn, I wash, lay flat to dry and wear.)

    Anyway, welcome to the group and I hope this helps.


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