Friday, 7 January 2011

Darrell Waltrip Cloth

I have finally started something okay it only a cotton cloth which I have done but it a start the cloth is   Darrell Waltrip Cloth   I am not sure if mine is quite right compared to ones shown on here would appreciate your opinions.
I done it as I believe it should be done but not fully sure
I have enjoyed doing it which I did last night while watching TV & at least I started something as I haven't touched any crafts for a while.
I am wanting to start on some quilting or at least start cutting for a Table Runner but I have had a bit of a problem with my neck I think it the way I had slept so for the last few days have been taking it easy & each day it has inproved to the point it more of an ache today than pain.
I enjoy my knitting in the evenings while watching TV even if I manage to work on some quilting during the day.
Part of the reason no quilting also apart from just not got around to it, the last few weeks had a radiator not working in the bedroom I do my sewing so it been very cold in there it now fixed so that I can now at least go there & sew or cut without freezing lol
I hope to do some projects over the coming months both quilting & knitting, I do want to do myself some more socks as I don't have a great deal of socks that I have knitted unlike my DH as I do seem to knit for him or knit for gifts & I seem to be last I bet you all are like that everyone comes first before you.


  1. I love the little cloth, and it does look like a nice project to do while watching tv.
    I'm glad that you're recovering from the problem you had with your neck. I know that can be a real problem.

  2. I'm glad your neck is getting better, and that you've got the radiator fixed so soon you'll be in that room quilting up a storm during the day and knitting like nobody's business in the evenings.

  3. Hi
    You have a nice blog. I have awarded you the Ancestor Approved Award. I am offering this to many types of bloggers because our ancestors were made of many types of people. It is funny how us people who like family history seem to like crafts too!
    Take care and keep up the great posts and projects.
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    Happy new year!

  4. Your DW cloth looks great. A sore neck is never fun. It sure does make knitting hard since you keep your neck bent when knitting.

    Everyone in my family has a hand made quilt from me....except me of course. I think that is normal for crafters.


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