Monday, 17 May 2010

On-Point Homespun Top

I got the on-point top partly done still needs borders but this is my first attempt at a On-Point layout, it funny don't matter how much you try to smooth it out it never looks right once the photo has been taken lol
Anyway i have to do borders not fully sure what i will use yet as i know i don't have lenths of homespun so may use some Thimbleberry will see what will go with it.
The blocks there is 12 blocks using 6 different fabrics in the Homespun but the same background in all then the large squares I used 6 different ones, most of the fabrics are from FQs the only yardage i used so far is the backgroun for the blocks & the triangles around the edging which is another homespun fabric.
This will be a single quilt when finished & I will be doing another one the same but using Civil War fabric for the blocks & squares with some Thimbleberry for the background of the blocks will figure the rest out when I get that far lol.


  1. Your quilt looks great! Love the colors. I'm horrible with setting blocks on point lol.

  2. The quilt looks good. I love the colors, and the on point setting.

  3. It looks great. I really love the colours.

  4. Very nice Janice. I love those star blocks.


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