Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Socks & This & That

I haven't posted much to my blog which I can only say sorry for.
The weather here in my part of the UK has been cold & today we had snow first thing but nothing really came of it just looked like someone been around with icing sugar lol then later we had another heavy burst which settled but again not too much as the sun came out & it has now disappeared.
I been working on projects, I have done the table runner but can't show that yet, & I have a top of another done but needed to get some wadding which I did this morning.
Yesterday I did the middle block of 3 for another table runner this is applique on the  middle block then top & bottom of it will be 9 patch block I will show that when it finished.
On the Knitting side well I have had a break after doing a cloth which went in to a swap & is winging it way to the USA.
I then started some socks for me which that I can show as you will see from the photo below, the yarn is what I have received in a swap last year, they are a pinky with green/blue in the other parts I don't think that the photo shows the colour off well.
I asked DH how was the socks I have knitted for him, & he said that now he wears them nearly all the time as the ones we have bought from a shop are a bit thin so he prefers them which means I am going to have to get back to knitting more for him, he is that bit harder to knit for as he don't like the yarns that is self-patterning like the ones below he likes plain/solid colours which is fine but don't like knitting blacks, navy or other really dark colours.
I had been bidding on ebay for some more sock yarn (not for DH) I have won one lot from my favourite sock yarn seller & am waiting on the others one lot I know I am outbid on but won't increase it as the colours are not as nice as ones I am bidding on I am hoping I win at least one of the two lots left one I really like so I can see me trying again if I don't win it as what I won today has taken a while to win within my price range.
I hope all those who are affected by snow or any other weather, that they will be okay & stay safe.


  1. I like the socks, but I still haven't been able to bring myself to try to make them yet. Hope you win the sock yarn that you want.

  2. Glad you're OK. Fingers crossed you get the wool you have bid on.

  3. Another lovely pair of socks Janice. I think you need to make some long ones that go up to your thighs though to keep your Khris

  4. Great pair of socks! Nice to see you posting!


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