Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sock Yarn Arrived

The yarn I was waiting on arrived yesterday, the top one is called Irish Colour next is Emotion Colour both are 100 gram balls of  4 ply the Emotion one I have had before just these are new colours, the last one is Wellness Colour & these are 150 gram balls of 6 ply
The Irish colour I seen on pattern & ball now & it shows it knitted & does look better than in the photo actually the photo don't do it justices, well at least I have enough sock yarn to keep me going for awhile I get the yarn from Germany that why I tend to get in one go can't just pop to a local yarn store for it well can't get sock yarn very easily from the LYS here in my part of the UK


  1. Thanks Janice, better for me, hope you didn't mind me asking!! Love those wools, I ought to ask you something actually.........

  2. Beautiful yarns. I look forward to seeing the socks you'll make from them.

  3. Janice, Those yarns will make some beautiful socks.

  4. Beautiful wool colours there.

    I love your new blog background too.

  5. Gorgeous sock yarn Janice!


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