Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow in Burton Latimer & Christmas Wishes

Snow in the UK As you see from the photos we have had snow, this is the day after it fell the first photo is from my front door (okay it on the side but it classed as a front door)  you see the path is clear thanks to DH but can see the road that runs along the side of our bungalow
The 2nd photo down is a compleate turn around from the other photo it is going towards the gate that you come in by you see the road which we live on or i should say the address road we live on the corner plot to it two roads
The 3rd photo you just see the gate to the left & up the road it like a skating ring out there most of the side roads are like that it only the main ones if we are lucky that may get gritted, i know yesterday that a lot of problems on the roads where around due to the snow, accidents ect.
Well i closed the Christmas Challenge for me as i don't really have anymore to do so i did get all i wanted to done so i can say that it was a successful challenge really.
We now heading towards the big day, we had planned to stay at home but DD asked us for Christmas dinner so we will drive up & have dinner there we will come home same day i say we going that is unless the weather stops us but i am not expecting it to.
I love this time of year, I do have some lovely packages to open & I am being good I done it if when I open the original package if it then got something wrapped it will be opened on Christmas if it not then I get to see it lol
I hope to be starting a quilt after Christmas, I have a friend who lives not quite opposite but nearly well we will be doing some projects together I also have some things I want to get done on top of that I hope to post on here how things will be progressing with different things
I know I haven't posted much in the last few weeks I just haven't been on the computer so much & I don't expect that much will change in the coming week or so so I want to take this opportunity to Wish Each & Everyone of You a Very Merry Christmas & Hope that you have a Happy, Healthy & Peaceful New Year May this be extended to all your families all over the world.

Monday, 7 December 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 13

End of Wk 13 (30th Nov - 6th Dec) & as I said in my previous post just the Table Topper done in this week.
I have been taking a break of late & only started some socks yesterday so am up to the heel so far.
I have managed to get a head of myself as I don't need to do any more gifts well no one I can think of so here is the list of gifts I have done over the past 13 weeks if you wish to see them then look under the weeks

Wk Thirteen 30th Nov - 6th Dec
Table Topper
Wk Twelve 23rd Nov - 29th Nov
1 Pair of Socks
Wk Eleven 16th Nov - 22nd Nov
1 Pair of Socks
Wk Ten 9th Nov -15th Nov
3 Pot Holders/Hot Pads
1 Pair of Socks
Wk Nine 2nd Nov - 8th Nov
3 Table Runners
Wk Eight 26th Oct - 1st Nov
Pair of Socks
Wk Seven 19th Oct - 25th Oct
Pair of socks
Wk Six 12th Oct - 18th Oct
Pair of socks
Wk Five 5th Oct - 11th Oct
Table Runner
Pair of socks
Wk Four 28th Sept - 4th Oct
Two Table Runners
Wk Three 21st Sept - 27th Sept
Pair of socks
Wk Two 14th Sept - 20th Sept
Pair of socks
Wk One 7th Sept - 13th Sept
Two cloths & a Back Scrubber done

So not a bad tally in all, I am going to write down a list of who I gave what too then I know I won't do the same for them next year, I will be starting making stuff after Christmas for the Gift Stash so not only for Christmas 2010 but if I need gifts during the year, that what I did this year as I have more gifts that I had done much earlier than when I started the challenge

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Applique Table Topper

Well I have finished the Applique Quilt/Table Topper I been working on This will also be my item for the Gift Challenge this week
The top photo is of course the right side with the bottom one showing the reverse side & how I quilted it, i used Batik Watercolour for the Red, Green & Blue with the background colour & backing fabric done in Thimbleberries fabric if you like to see the pattern click   Here   & then go to Back to Grannys & you will see it

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Angel Of December

Well we are in December now so here is your Angel for the last month of the year may you look back with good memories & look forward to a new year of making lots of good memories may the Angel be guarding over you.

Angel of December sky
Gathers snowflakes way on high

Graciously with wings in air

Gathers precious gems to share

To trickle down to earth below

To shine like diamonds in the snow

What great beauty it will be

As angel sends these gems for me

A calm and peaceful night with snow

December angel's special glow

See her gliding through the air

This beauty of God's love so fair

Knows just what the snow will do

As peacefully it falls on you

Catch the diamonds in your hand

Where they sparkle God does stand

December's angel wings of snow

Sends her beauty here below

Catch the diamonds from the sky

Magnificently these wings do fly.~