Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Angel Of December

Well we are in December now so here is your Angel for the last month of the year may you look back with good memories & look forward to a new year of making lots of good memories may the Angel be guarding over you.

Angel of December sky
Gathers snowflakes way on high

Graciously with wings in air

Gathers precious gems to share

To trickle down to earth below

To shine like diamonds in the snow

What great beauty it will be

As angel sends these gems for me

A calm and peaceful night with snow

December angel's special glow

See her gliding through the air

This beauty of God's love so fair

Knows just what the snow will do

As peacefully it falls on you

Catch the diamonds in your hand

Where they sparkle God does stand

December's angel wings of snow

Sends her beauty here below

Catch the diamonds from the sky

Magnificently these wings do fly.~

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