Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow in Burton Latimer

We have had a good lot of snow we had snow on Sunday that disappeared with more Snow Monday in to Tuesday that was a fair amount then overnight we have had this lot they say we may get more.
Seems no buses are running around here being a village they have the small buses the big double Decker one that comes has to come down a road that the police have closed lorries have become stuck.
It funny but i remember when i was a kid it could be much worst than this & i my school never closed yet now they close & everything seems to come to a stop i guess the modern generation are as tough as we & my parents generations were also we got snow most winters now this is the first for a while they say it the worst for 20 years

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  1. Well, I have already commented on your lovely cold weather but I just wanted to say to you that it is a lovely picture that you have on your blog of yourself and your Mum. Cherish your memories. Regards, Nessie


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