Thursday, 9 July 2015

I Posted a new Post

I haven't posted in a while so thought I had better before you all think I have stopped all together

So what been happening since my last post, had my MRI which shows no change on the Meningioma & the specialist has agreed to me having them done at a hospital which is nearer to me still 15 miles away but at least there is a bus service to it if need be so saw the Neurologist there & he put me on Gabapentin I was on 100mg 3 times a day but when i went to get some more i have had them put up to 300mg 3 times a day
 Well enough about that let get on to something much more interesting like my crafts

I will work backwards so starting with the latest projects i been doing some washcloths

Palm Beach washcloth

Laguna Beach Washcloth

Aran Jacket & hat 
Simple Texture pattern in Online Jupiter yarn

Hexagon table runner 
I also have a quilt that I have done but I can't share until the person gets it so will post that next time

I have a few quilting projects in the to do list one is a quilt for me but may be getting an order for a large quilt so until i know if i got that won't start

The other big news for me is that I am going on a Free Motion Quilt class day on the 18th really looking forward to that as it the day after my birthday it a continuation of the celebrations lol 

DH has given me money for my birthday already as he said did i want a gift or the money & if a gift what so as i didn't even know i said money please lol I have also received a Amazon gift card which is always so very welcomed the way i get books for the kindle it will so be used plus i received a large quilting folder which has different blocks plus template it is in a folder that has different leaves in really nice even if the blocks are older it timeless

Well until my next post take care  


  1. janice ..

    i see that you are a very creative person who has her hands in all kinds of crafts! happy pre birthday, friend. my husband did a similar thing to your husband so although my birthday is in may, we are going to a yarn factory in august as my birthday present - cash in hand!!! lol ... can we ever have enough stash? can you ever learn so much about quilting that you wont benefit from a great course?

    the picture of you with your mother was simply charming.


  2. there is nothing as draining as having an illness. i am so glad to hear that you enjoy relaxing in front of a game of cricket, needles in hand! i, too, can get lost in knitting and find it a true stress buster! i wish you very well in your fight!


  3. Janice I know you will put Greg's present to good use. Looking forward to Saturday FMQ class not long now


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