Saturday, 24 September 2011

Aran Jacket for DGD

I have finished a Aran Jacket which is for youngest Granddaughter 
The pattern acutally said for size 26 but fits a 30 so as I needed a 30 I went ahead & did it.
I done it longer than it stated as she likes them longer, & it has come out even after sewing up to a 30 inch she slim & while they say that the size for her age I think she may be a little bit less in the chest
The pattern is double moss stitch for the back, hood & sleeves with a 12 row pattern for the front
DGD's Aran Jacket


  1. Wow it is so very very pretty, beautiful color. I'm sure your DGD will look so pretty in this lovely jacket.

  2. I used to love doing the different Aran patterns when I used to hand knit Janice. Wish I could still do it.


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