Monday, 23 February 2009

London Roads Pot Holder

Here is a Pot Holder I have done as part of a swap, I used a block called London Roads with a slight alteration the corner squares should be 1 half & 2 quarter triangles to make up the square I have changed it to 2 half triangles to make the square I have added a piece of Brown ribbon for a hanger on the back so it can be hanged up

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Socks For DH

Well another pair of socks these are for DH he okay with them but don't really go mad on the multi colours would much prefer solid/plain colours even if I used different colours on heel & toe still he lucky I even want to knit for him lol

It was our Wedding Anniversary on Thursday (12th) & it snowed that evening even on the day we got married we had a blizzard so nothing new there it was a quiet evening in & today being Valentine's day again not doing anything special but I did get some lovely Yellow Roses & a double CD of Buddy Holly who said Romance is dead, I guess as when we went on our honeymoon I packed a card for him & he didn't even know it was Valentine's day two days later so never got anything since then he never forgets lol well I hope that all who read this will be having or had a wonderful day with their Love One

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Butterfly Hot Pad

Here a hot pad that I have done some call them Pot Holders I taken a Butterfly picture from panels & have turned it in to the centre piece of the hot pad, i have used Insul Bright 1 layer & a layer of polyester type wadding this is a test one it will be for me but wanted to see how it turned out not bad.

I have been busy looking at some books on Amazon UK & have ordered 2 books one by Leisure Art it is "Antique Quilts Recreated" the other one is "Making Antique Quilts" by Rita Weiss I love the old quilts so these may give me some inspiration for future projects

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow in Burton Latimer

We have had a good lot of snow we had snow on Sunday that disappeared with more Snow Monday in to Tuesday that was a fair amount then overnight we have had this lot they say we may get more.
Seems no buses are running around here being a village they have the small buses the big double Decker one that comes has to come down a road that the police have closed lorries have become stuck.
It funny but i remember when i was a kid it could be much worst than this & i my school never closed yet now they close & everything seems to come to a stop i guess the modern generation are as tough as we & my parents generations were also we got snow most winters now this is the first for a while they say it the worst for 20 years