Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Pinwheel Top

I finished the Pinwheel Top I have done the sashing (the in between blocks) in WoW (white on white) fabric & done the borders in a purple, I can thank my DH for those two choices as I asked for his imput & he said what he thought would go so I looked at what I had in my fabric stash & came up with these.

I am more than pleased with how it gone so far & hope to cut the wadding (batting) & the backing fabric in the next few days

3 comments: said...

Wow its beautiful!!! I have some squares cut out but have not gone farther than that. I would really like to get the cutter and board but that is not gonna happen! Marion

MJ said...

Lovely quilt Janice! Have a great day!

Tabitha said...

It is quite lovely. You do a very nice job. I like the color choices for the sashing and border. Your DH has a good eye for color.