Monday, 12 October 2015

Celtic Cross

I have done another cloth it is the Celtic Cross I rather like it the photo shows the red darker than it really is more of a brighter red like the postbox red I would say

If you like this you find it on this   LINK    go down the page to see it 

I have found out from a friend that there is some very nice Free Wash Cloth patterns on Ravelry so if you are a member look on there for some


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Got to meet up with a Friend

I don't know if many of you know I do Genealogy well years ago I had contact from a lady who Gt Grand Uncle Married my Gt Grand Aunt we have kept in contact & become very close friends more like sisters than friends

Well today we finally met when I drove down to meet her it was a lovely time I took her the Christmas cloth which is shown on previous post

I also took her a cloth which says   FRIEND   on it look down on the link page to see it if you wish the pattern

So below is the cloth plus my sister/friend Lesley I am the one with glasses on


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Christmas Cloth

This Cloth is called   A Christmas Dishcloth Story   which is where you can find the link 
I knitted this in Sugar "N" Cream cotton a Sage Green colour

I will say that to me it looks like an error on the side of the house but it not I have done it to the pattern I think it just the way I knit

I have several different photo patterns like this that I want to try so keep coming back to check also keep an eye open as I also hope to be able to post some table runner that I am doing these are Quilting items have several ideas & projects i want to do so when I have done them I will put them on here