Sunday, 30 October 2011

Local Quilt Show/Exhibition

This week-end I went with a friend to two local quilting shows/exhibitions these are not like your big shows where there loads of trade stands but where some quilting groups have put on a show of their work
Normally nothing like this goes on here but this week-end there was these 2 plus further afield there was another one which we didn't go to is a link to the photos I took  

Try this link you can then click slide show

Our favourite is one that was name Teddies House which has lots of teddies on it I not only taken the quilt but got some closer shots as well
I done the link above to what I hope is a slide show for you all to view & enjoy the quilts & projects of some very talented people

Monday, 17 October 2011

Daughter's Wedding

Here is some wedding photos that we took of DD wedding on 7th October 2011
There is also some of the hotel that DH stay in for the night

DD & DS1 Giving her away

SImon & Donna Man & Wife
Well we did it

Bride, Groom Best Man Bridesmaids & Urshers

Bride, Groom & Son who gave her away

Hotel room we stay in

Hotel room we stay in

 Me in the Hotel room we stay in

Me in the Hotel room we stay in

DH in the Hotel room we stay in

Groom & Best Man

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Angel for October

I am a little late posting this sorry but here is your angel for October Have a Wonderful Blessed Month

Angel Of October

~Windswept in glory
Divine purple hues
This angel of heaven
A rapturous view

Wishing you happiness
Wants you to be
Wrapped in her glory
A heart that is free

Cool winds to guide her
Down to the land
Shows you the glory
Her heart in your hand

Warms you with sunshine
Bright with her love
This angel of wind
She echoes above

Capture her heart
As she comes in your view
Forever this angel
Will always love you

Breezes through earth
With special sweet song
October's sweet angel
Your heart will belong.~