Monday, 31 January 2011

Socks using Sport- & Strumpfgarn Yarn

I have finished a pair of socks these are using a different make of yarn from what I usually use which is Online Yarn 
The socks below are done in a 4 ply yarn  which is Sport- & Strumpfgarn Yarn it is 60% Superwash Virgin Wool, 25% Acrylic & 15% Polyamid this yarn while is self-patterning in that there is some patterning it more like random spots you don't have to match as there is no matching to it.
I been thinking of getting some sock blockers & if anyone has an opinion on them good or bad would appreciate hearing about them, there is a site here in the UK that is doing some   click here   for the link to see them & say what you think of them.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Previous Quilting Patterns Post

If anyone would can't open the patterns in my previous post & would like a copy just e-mail   me with their e-mail addy & I will send it you must be able to open a pdf file as much as I try to do it so you have access to it I am not sure you can all open both so just e-mail me

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Quilt Patterns

This past week I been trying to figure out several things first is my computer well it that I upgraded to Windows 7 last June when I had to get another computer & while my printer works when I scan it does images but where before I could save documents in to PDF or Word I can only do images so still trying to sort that out as it not so easy as trying to update drives.
Then I have had a go at attempting to draw a applique block on EQ7 & also learn how to write a pattern to a PDF 
Well with help from a friend she said you need to get a program for writing it to PDF so I downloaded PDF4Free & that works.
So I thought I would share the two patterns I done, the first is Ice cone I know I forgot to put in size which is 14 x 36.5 inches, the second is Broken Dishes both are table runners, below is the image then followed by the pdf file

Ice Cone
Broken Dishes

 Here are the two Patterns   
Ice Cone

Broken Dishes  

both are Table Runners & these are my attempts of writing a pattern I hope that you will look at them & give me your comments both Good & Bad

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Emotion lll Socks

It been a little while since posting I guess it a case of trying to get motivated after Christmas they say January & February are months that you tend not to do things so much.
I done a pair of socks using the Online Emotion lll Range this is the latest range I have which I think  is their latest as well in this range.
The yarn is 50% Merino Wool, 25% Bamboo & 25% Polyamid it a lovely soft yarn which does knit up well.
If I am to be totally honest & give the fore & against on this yarn my only moan is that it don't follow a set colour pattern so trying to match both socks up perfectly you can't but you can see that the same colours ect are used & I do like them.
I use Online range a lot they have several different lines which of course Emotion which they have now at least 3 different lines under Emotion which are Emotion, Emotion ll & lll they also do Irish Colour, Canadian Colour, Wellness & Spot colour some knit up more like a fair-isle which I really like but the Emotion range is the softest range so do really like this range.
I hope to if possible get some orders for socks or at least sell some but since my last orders before Christmas I haven't been lucky enough to get any.
On the sewing front I am working on the table runner which I hope to finish & show you it soon so do check back
Emotion lll Socks

Friday, 7 January 2011

Darrell Waltrip Cloth

I have finally started something okay it only a cotton cloth which I have done but it a start the cloth is   Darrell Waltrip Cloth   I am not sure if mine is quite right compared to ones shown on here would appreciate your opinions.
I done it as I believe it should be done but not fully sure
I have enjoyed doing it which I did last night while watching TV & at least I started something as I haven't touched any crafts for a while.
I am wanting to start on some quilting or at least start cutting for a Table Runner but I have had a bit of a problem with my neck I think it the way I had slept so for the last few days have been taking it easy & each day it has inproved to the point it more of an ache today than pain.
I enjoy my knitting in the evenings while watching TV even if I manage to work on some quilting during the day.
Part of the reason no quilting also apart from just not got around to it, the last few weeks had a radiator not working in the bedroom I do my sewing so it been very cold in there it now fixed so that I can now at least go there & sew or cut without freezing lol
I hope to do some projects over the coming months both quilting & knitting, I do want to do myself some more socks as I don't have a great deal of socks that I have knitted unlike my DH as I do seem to knit for him or knit for gifts & I seem to be last I bet you all are like that everyone comes first before you.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2011

Happy New Year to All, I hope that the year is beginning well for you all.
For me well I received a calendar from Sue at Quilt Times   as I was lucky enough to win her give-way for this Calendar.
I love the way that the Calendar has a booklet in which gives you all the instructions & patterns for each of the projects for each month & you can pull it out from the calendar so you can keep it long after you finish using it
Below is the front of the calendar but if you click on this  here  you can see more images & details of the calendar from amazon.
Thank you Sue for the calendar it great.

I haven't as yet started any projects I woke yesterday to my neck hurting when I move my head left or right or even up or down so am having to take it ease for a bit I had this before I think I seem to do it when I am a sleep in that I twist it & it takes a bit of time to ease off I also have to be careful as it can kick off my vertigo so don't want that back
I will be starting a Table Runner once I sorted out the fabrics I will be doing it with some online friends from Quilt with Us the Newbie Group  I suggested that we do the pattern which is  Spring Tulips  as they want to do some applique so this is a good start as it not too much & it will be interesting to see how we all do it with our different fabrics also some may change it a bit.